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This web page has been rendered out of date by the success of PayPal
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Current Net Cash Proposals

In order to be useful, a protocol for the transfer of value for the internet must be on most desktops, in most browsers, in many web servers, yet many the existing proposals involve proprietary software, and many of them involve a banking monopoly for the issuer of the software. It seems unlikely that many other financial intermediaries would wish to participate in such a grotesquely uneven playing field.

Many of these proposals require the issuer and protocol developer to be intimately involved in every transaction, with the notable and important exception of the IBM and SOX proposals. They require everyone using cash to buy or sell on the net to have an account with the issuer and protocol developer, and the protocol developer's copyrights give it a total monopoly of net money issue.

For a protocol to become widely used, a wide variety of players must play along. There has to be something in it for everyone.

The Rest: Promising, but not yet quite existent, or existent but halted dead in the water.