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A couple of reasons for Digicash's failure

The reasons why DigiCash failed are so numerous, and DigiCash was so frequently and forcefully informed of them, that I suspect that success was not high on their list of priorities.

One of the many serious problems with DigiCash is that they did not wish it to be used by certain people.

To stop some people from using it, to stop the most likely early adopters from using it, they had to cripple it, make it less cashlike.

As a result of this crippling, you could not make change with DigiCash. Oops! "Exact change please." Now that is every encouraging for your customers.

Secondly DigiCash refused, contrary to the requests of the banks, to allow accountless operation. This meant that to use DigiCash effectively, everyone has to have an account with a DigiCash supporting bank. This deprived the customers of the privacy DigiCash was supposed to provide and created artificial and arbitrary obstacles to people who wished to use DigiCash.

If you wish people to use your protocol, you need to let them use as much or as little of your protocol as they need.